Overcome Mental Exhaustion

5 Ways to Overcome Mental Exhaustion

Feel like you’re at the end of your tether? 
Here are 5 simple tips to recharge mentally that don’t require much of a commitment of energy you don’t have.

Tip 1- Spot small opportunities to rest your mind. I know we are all encouraged to multitask, and often do so while waiting (e.g. replying to work emails while waiting in a queue at the supermarket), however, this creates brain overload. Instead of multitasking while waiting, why not use this time to engage in some mindful breathing?

Tip 2. Reduce excess sensory input, or go mono-sensory. We live in a world that is full of sensory input, which takes a lot to process. To give your mind a break, try to eliminate excess sensory input. This may involve closing your eyes, or turning off the tv when you’re not actively watching in. Alternatively, tune in to one sensation e.g. close your eyes and focus on all the sounds around you. Listen for sounds close to you, then expand your awareness to sounds further and further away from you.

Tip 3. Give yourself permission to relax. I know you always have something you could or should be doing (and I use that term loosely as “should is a bit of a dirty word in my books), however, if you find yourself relaxing, ENJOY IT. No need to feel guilty, your self-care is equally important as the million other things that you could be doing.

Tip 4. Stop being unrealistic about how much you can get done.  Have you noticed how hard it is to get to the bottom of our “do to” list? That’s because the goals is a moving target!  Instead, be honest with yourself – what is realistic? What would you expect someone else to be able to achieve?

Tip 5. Prioritize the types of work that are an investment. Some efforts pay dividends well beyond the initial effort you put in. For example, as a Psychologist, we write many, many reports. So spending a few hour or even days creating a user friendly template significantly reduces the time spent later on down the track. Another example is spending time on the weekend to plan your meals for the week or even prepare them in advance. If you prioritise these tasks, you’ll set yourself up to have more spare mental and physical energy over time.

For more information, read the original article at: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/in-practice/201604/5-ways-overcome-mental-exhaustion?platform=hootsuite