Medicare Funded Online Counselling (Telehealth)


As of 1st November 2017, Psychologists will be able to provide video counselling to patients in rural and remote areas of Australia. These sessions will be subsidised by Medicare under a Mental Health Care Plan (Better Access).

What is considered rural and remote? This will be based on the Modified Monash Model (MMM), with people residing in regions MMM 4 to MMM 7 being eligible for telepsychology. A map of Australia with the MMM categories is available on the DoctorConnect website.

How many sessions can be used via telehealth? Up to 7 of the 10 regular Better Access items can be delivered via telehealth to eligible patients. At least 1 of the first 4 consultations must be delivered face-to-face.

How is telehealth being delivered? The telepsychology consultation must have a video and audio link between the provider and the patient. The Government will not mandate the exact type of video conferencing technology that can be used to deliver telepsychology. However, providers will have to use technology that ensures quality, privacy, and security; that is, it must:
-Provide sufficient video quality to facilitate effective service delivery
-Meet the privacy requirements for health information, and
-Adhere to the applicable laws for security and privacy.

Do referring Practitioners need to use different MBS item numbers? Medical Practitioners will continue to use the same Mental Health Care Plan item numbers.

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