Couples conflict: Why do we keep hurting each other and fighting about the same thing?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash   Conflict is a natural and unavoidable part of intimate relationships. Conflict often has a functional purpose and can actually provide opportunities for deeper connection and understanding.  All relationships, even the most successful ones, have conflict. Gottman & Gottman’s longitudinal research on couples found that approximately 31% of couple […]

Relationships – The House that Makes a Home –

What are the elements for a happy, healthy, and strong relationship? Some people say trust, others say honesty, loyalty, commitment. Well, through countless hours of research, observations, and studies of over 3,000 couples, relationship experts, Julie and John Gottman have developed The Sound Relationship House – 9 building blocks of a relationship that is applicable […]

The 5 Love Languages…More than Just a Gimmick?

Humans use language as a principal form of communicating with each other. Language allows us to convey our needs, wants, desires, demands and everything in between to be able to build interpersonal relationships and get by in the world. The language that we become most proficient in our lives is known as our primary language. […]