Self care

Are you really practicing gratitude?

But I should be grateful….right? Recent times have called for the re-evaluation and adjustment of self-care practices and an emphasis on perspective and acceptance-based skills. One perspective skill that has garnered increasing interest is gratitude. Gratitude is known for its positive impacts on mental and physical health, such as improved relationship satisfaction, reductions in stress, […]

Self-care This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again….December! The new year is fast approaching and for many of us, December can be an extremely busy month, catching up with friends and family, and winding up with work for the year. For many, this time of year is associated with getaways and family holidays, however that may not […]

Self Care Resources

Steps We Could Take to Take Care of Ourselves One of our psychologists has taken the time to put together a batch of her favourite self care resources! The team at YMM loves it and we thought we should share if with you. Here are some resources on self care and self compassion : Self-care […]